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Liberal Studies


Grand Valley State University’s Meijer Campus located in Holland, MI has been hoping to better support the Holland community. It aims to be a campus full of innovative ideas, inspired and supported by students, and representative of the Holland community. Over the course of the winter of 2017 we—an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate students at Grand Valley State University—have engaged in the Design Thinking process order to develop an innovation designed to turn this vision into a reality. In the follow portfolio, you will be able to flip through our journey to find what we believe is a viable, sustainable answer to the quest initiated. Through interviewing, researching, and challenging our preconceived ideas about finding solutions, we have created Holland Helpers: Collaborative Education through Service. This program brings GVSU Students alongside Holland community members to address chronic needs through a multi-disciplinary lens to create a well-rounded, plausible solution. While our Design Thinking process led us to Holland Helpers, through the steps outlined within this document you can create solutions designed to meet your own messy, multifaceted needs!


LIB 323 / HON 313 - Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs