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Liberal Studies


Thank you for your interest in our team, Team Uncharted, and our work with the Grand Valley State University Frederik Meijer Honors College. At the time of undertaking the task of making the Honors College more “distinctive and distinguished,” we also bore in mind the greater task of creating a better experience and life for all stakeholders. Our ultimate hope is that these efforts radiate through the process and final innovation proposal.

The team working on this project consisted of 7 members: Angelina Bartolotta, Michael Everix, Chance Colter, Sophia Hall, Kimberly Berry, Kiernan Pitts, and Whitney Veldheer. Each member took charge of the tasks within the project most suited to their personality, strengths, and desired areas of growth. This method resulted in a system where work was distributed well and all members contributed to the end product in the way best suited to them. Because of this, the quality of the finished product, we believe, was the best our team could have created.

As a team, we are proud of the accomplishments made toward the common goal of creating a better Honors College at Grand Valley State University. As all of us are students within this College, we were especially invested and eager to develop a strong solution. We hope that in this project our passion and best efforts are evident throughout.


LIB 323 / HON 313 - Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs