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Liberal Studies


Welcome reader,

We appreciate your interest in our design challenge of reimaging the Frederik Meijer Honors College curriculum. Over the course of several months, we have worked diligently through the design thinking process to arrive at a solution that meets the needs of FMHC stakeholders. We have conducted interviews with these stakeholders in order to gain empathy and conducted secondary research which allowed us to broaden the scope of our insights and search for potential solutions. Many hours were spent ideating our own solutions and prototyping them through a collaborator debrief process. This portfolio contains the details of our process start to finish, showing how we used design thinking to redesign the FMHC curriculum.

We are proud to be a part of the process of reinventing the Honors College curriculum.The effect of our efforts will create a more enriching college experience for future generations. Thank you for taking the time to explore and innovate with us.


Team Vitality

Kathryn Malia Brooks

Bradley Williams

Kelsey Rutkowski

Andrew Dzierwa

Bethany Chamber


LIB 323 / HON 313 - Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs