inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, systems, Multicultural Organizational Development Model


Library and Information Science


Join members of one university library’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee to learn about their journey from IDEA to IDEA 2.0 over the course of a few years. This library took steps to move beyond simply educating their colleagues to actively reviewing and addressing systems level issues. They will share their challenges and progress with a number of initiatives. These initiatives include drafting a detailed IDEA framework for the library, conducting an organization-wide policy and culture audit, facilitating library-wide action-oriented workshops, incorporating IDEA goals for all individuals and departments, and leveraging systems-thinking to empower individuals to be leaders in their spheres of influence at any level of the organization. Learn about concrete, replicable steps to take at your library through shared resources and tools that will help advance your IDEA goals whether you are just beginning to think about IDEA or have been working on IDEA initiatives for some time.


This presentation was given at the Conference of Academic Library Management in April 2022.