Inclusive practices, hiring, onboarding, empowered candidates, accommodations, candidate experience, processes, calling in, interviews, job ads


Library and Information Science


In Focusing on Candidate Experience to Decenter White Professionalism in Hiring and Onboarding, participants will engage with the presenters and one another to dive into hiring and onboarding practices within libraries. The workshop will be structured along the hiring to onboarding life cycle with a focus on leading practices for inclusive processes. Learning about these processes will help those on the job search in better navigating processes and in making informed decisions about an organization as well as those interested in leadership in considering ways to foster healthy candidate-focused processes. Lastly, the presenters will provide practical tips on being an empowered candidate from negotiations through accommodations.

Participant will learn to:

  1. Understand of inclusive practices related to hiring and onboarding in order to create expectations of what health processes could look and feel like;
  2. Be able to identify and mitigate bias and power dynamics in hiring and onboarding processes; and
  3. Learn practical ways to be empowered as candidates in their own hiring and onboarding processes