Library and Information Science


In 1997 President Clinton directed federal agencies to develop websites and Internet resources that would serve as “tool(s) for teaching and learning.” The ten years since then have seen an explosion in the amount of government information available to students and educators. Today there are thousands of government websites that specifically target these groups. In addition, over 90 percent of government publications distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program are available on the Internet, making those titles once out of the reach of school libraries just a click away at no cost. To see how school libraries are taking advantage of these resources, a content analysis was conducted on sixty randomly selected high school library and media center websites to examine what government resources were being linked to from these sites and how these sites were providing access to government information. This session will present the results of that analysis. It will also offer suggestions of resources for librarians working with students and educators and examples of ways to promote government information to educators and school librarians. The presentation will include summary information from the analysis, quantitative information, graphic displays, slideshows of suggested government resources and handouts.