Library and Information Science


Innovative libraries around the world are embracing web-scale discovery as a powerful new ally in bringing net-gen users back to the library as the starting point for research.

This groundbreaking new technology exposes content riches in a way that “millenials” and other end-users expect and understand: from a single search box and an appealing, easy interface.Plus, it delivers unbiased, relevant results in sub-second response time, liberating researchers to move forward in their work.

Web-scale discovery is now in use by academic libraries and evidence shows it’s moving them forward, improving service and elevating their profile. Spend an hour hearing for yourself from adopters of the Summon™ service, the pioneer in web-scale discovery, about its impact: Michigan’s Grand Valley State University Library has tracked an immediate rise in its content usage and Arizona State University Library has heightened its presence among students and faculty. In addition, learn how web-scale discovery can help your library increase its return on content investments. Join us for lively discussion as librarians share the change this landmark technology has had on their academic communities and library brand.

The entire webinar can be found at: http://www.libraryjournal.com/webcasts