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Presented at: "Multiple Formats and Copies in a Digital Age: Acceptance, Tolerance, Elimination." Sponsored by CMDS Administration of Collection Development. Cosponsored by RUSA CODES/STARS Cooperative Collection Development Committee and CMDS Collection Assessment Committee. American Library Association Annual Conference, June 26, 2010.

Some libraries embrace all copies and formats, others tolerate them, and still others remove all formats/copies but one. In a digital age, how do we embrace removing items from our collections that have been replaced by other formats? How do we create buy in for these projects? Come listen to best practices about the ways in which libraries have and are addressing issues surrounding eliminating multiple formats and copies.


* Roy Ziegler, Associate Director of Collections, Florida State University

* Robert Kieft, College Librarian, Occidental College

* Doug Way, Head of Collection Development, Grand Valley State University