Library and Information Science


The GVSU University Libraries has responded in the last five years to internal and external emphases on assessing student learning outcomes and our contributions to student learning. We’ve conducted a higher-level information literacy assessment, and have made a priority of developing information literacy tools for use by classroom faculty. We have twice administered SAILS, the "Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills," to provide us with a broad benchmark measure of student IL skills against a cohort of our institutional peers. We discovered that large scale efforts such as SAILS can be at odds with our approach to IL, proving to be too gross a measure to fully address our real areas of interest. The University Libraries have developed the Information Literacy Core Competencies (ILLCs) to scaffold and map information literacy skills goals and objectives into a curriculum. The Research Guidance Rubric (RGR) was created from this conceptual model to provide a self-assessment tool for faculty’s integration of IL into assignment design. Attendees are invited to engage in a discussion of how this approach to instruction and assessment used by GVSU’s liaison librarians might be of use to them and to the faculty they work with at their institutions.