This case study examines the process of creating a virtual primary source instruction packet using the Young Lords in Lincoln Park collection. The authors hoped to create a packet of scanned primary source materials from the collection that could be taken and used by any faculty instructor, at GVSU or beyond, without additional facilitation by archivists. The packet would complement instruction and enrich students’ experiences when archival visits were not possible for a variety of reasons. The authors scanned primary source documents and created a full lesson plan including primary source literacy learning objectives. The desired outcome was a packet flexible enough to be used by instructors who did not have previous familiarity with the collection or archival background. While assessment is ongoing for this packet, future iterations might benefit from a close collaboration with interested faculty members. Within the case study, readers will find information on how decisions were made about what collection to use, how the packet was formed, as well as lessons learned.


Library and Information Science