3D Model, Modeling, STL, Printing, Print, Solid, Grayscale, 2D Image, Texture Wrapping, Wrap, Mapping, Map Projection, Geometry Algorithm, Mathematica Code




Ed Aboufadel


The goal of this research is to design a flexible method for mapping a two-dimensional grayscale image onto the surface of a three-dimensional solid. The approach used should be relatively easy to adapt to various solids without redesigning the entire process as well as able to map the entire image onto the entire object – partial coverage of the object and partial usage of the image are to be avoided. Having decided on an approach, the method is then to be designed in Mathematica to produce an STL file of the object with the desired grayscale image embossed or engraved onto it. This STL file can then be used to create a 3D print. This research focuses on algorithms similar to those used in texture mapping, a class of methods often used in computer graphics to add detail to a model by wrapping some image onto it. Overall, the primary method that is developed in this paper yields consistent results, with minimal distortion on low curvature surfaces.

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