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The volatility in today’s financial markets creates challenges but also great opportunities for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In uncertain times, there is a need to play it safe, but for some it is also the ideal time to seize opportunities to make great deals. As companies find distinctive ways to strategically navigate in these turbulent times, many continue to use a two-fold strategy: cut costs and stimulate growth through diversification, which includes M&A. Global M&A activity increased in 2010 and continues to increase in 2011. In this article, we report on Global M&A activity in the first half of 2011, review 2010, plus report on U.S. M&A activity with regards to private equity. We conclude with a discussion of best practices for successfully managing M&A integration.

Original Citation

Goldberg, S. R., Sanchez, C. (2012). M&A Today: Great Challenges, But Great Opportunities. Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance, 23(2), 3-8.