Learn the Terms: A Visual Glossary, 2017 Edition


Learn the Terms: A Visual Glossary, 2017 Edition

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The 2016 edition of Learn the Terms can be viewed here: https://scholarworks.gvsu.edu/oer_teaching/2/


Download Table Vinyls (12.5 MB)

Download Table Topper (15.6 MB)

Download Large Buttons (4.3 MB)

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Understanding a discipline requires a fundamental understanding of its terminology. The terminology of information literacy, used by librarians and professors, comprises a language integrated within all disciplines. Critical to academic success, it’s often assumed to be widely understood by students.

The students of Graphic Design V, fall 2017, created a 2nd edition of the visual glossary to help students learn this critical terminology. This edition, incorporated more campus-specific set of terms. It includes table vinyls, collector backpack buttons, digital screen images, and an online What Information Literacy Term Are You? quiz.

Publication Date

Fall 2018


Grand Valley State University Libraries




Information literacy, graphic design


Graphic Design | Information Literacy | Library and Information Science

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Learn the Terms: A Visual Glossary, 2017 Edition