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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)


Occupational Therapy

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Ashley McKnight


A survey, distributed to occupational therapy (OT) practitioners, was conducted to investigate how functional electrical stimulation (FES) is currently used during OT intervention sessions on clients with tetraplegia. There were a total of 24 survey respondents, the results demonstrated that both occupations and activities were used in combination with FES interventions. OT practitioners most frequently combined FES with the following occupation-based tasks during intervention sessions: feeding, grooming, playing a board/card game, and handwriting. During activity-based tasks, FES was reported to be most frequently combined with upperbody cycling, picking up foam cubes, and cones. Future research should focus on identifying the effectiveness of combining FES with occupations and activities on clients with tetraplegia.

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Functional Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Individuals with Tetraplegia

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