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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)


Occupational Therapy

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Jeanine Beasley


This paper describes a needs assessment of a camp for individuals with disabilities. Utilizing a combination of focus groups and interviews, the needs assessment explores the benefits of additional space and services of an activity center and sensory room, the desire for additional equipment, the value of occupational therapy services, and the potential benefit these additions may have for the surrounding populations within the community. The participants include administrative staff, counselors, campers, and other key informants who maintain knowledge of the topics pertaining to the camp. The results revealed three major themes including marketing, staffing, and indoor space. It was determined through the focus groups and interviews that additional space is needed for indoor activities at Indian Trails Camp. An activity center would be beneficial for multiple reasons; including an improvement to the overall facility and the programs it can offer to the current population, as well as the surrounding community. The implications of the findings for building the activity and sensory room, adding equipment, and hiring an occupational therapist are discussed.