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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)


Occupational Therapy

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Kathryn A. Edick


The purpose of this pilot study was to examine occupational therapists‟ perceptions of the effectiveness of sensory processing assessments utilized with children between the ages of birth to three. A focus group was conducted to determine what assessments have been utilized, why these assessments were used and whether or not the assessments were sufficient in providing pertinent information to address the needs of the population. Results indicated that formal and informal assessments are used to gain a holistic perspective of the child. These findings do not coincide with the results of a systematic review by Eeles, Spittle, Anderson, Brown, Lee, Boyd and Doyle (2013), which noted that three sensory processing assessments (i.e. Sensory Profile, Sensory Rating Scale, and Test of Sensory Function in Infants) have been utilized to determine impairments. Findings support the need for further research related to assessment methods used for children with sensory processing deficits.