Breeur, Lies, Truth, Stupidity, Authority


Ethics and Political Philosophy | Philosophy


As the title suggests, Breeur’s project is to discuss three key ideas: lies, stupidity, and imposture. The book is organized into two parts (I. Lies and Stupidity; II. Imposture) of two chapters each, followed by an appendix. The individual chapters and sub-sections are well-written and philosophically sophisticated. However, the reader will be disappointed if they expect a sustained analysis of the relations among the book’s titular ideas or a unified account of their role in the breakdown of respect for truth more broadly. Breeur’s approach is more episodic, laying out valuable considerations and enticing formulations, but often breaking off before spelling out their full implications or connecting them to previous discussions in the book. His discussion clearly opens up these additional avenues of thought, but the task of going down them is left largely to the reader. This review briefly takes up each of Breeur’s themes: lies, stupidity, and imposture

Original Citation

Spear, A. (2021). Review of Roland Breeur, Lies – Imposture – Stupidity, Vilnius: Jonas ir Jokūbas, 2019. HannahArendt.Net, 10(1), 174 – 176.