behavioral assessment; functional assessment; challenging behavior(s); positive behavior support(s)




The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a tier two daily behavior card intervention and differential effects based on function of problem behavior. The participants were 36 elementary school students nominated for additional intervention beyond universal School-Wide Positive Behavior Support. Measures included standardized behavior rating scales and rate of office discipline referrals before and after 8 weeks of intervention. A multivariate analysis of variance was used, and results showed statistically significant differences in response to intervention based on teacher-identified function of problem behavior. Results are discussed in terms of considering function of behavior in selecting tier two interventions and implementing a three-tier response to intervention model.


Original Citation: McIntosh, Kent, Amy L. Campbell, Deborah R. Carter, and Celeste R. Dickey. "Differential Effects of a Tier Two Behavior Intervention Based on Function of Problem Behavior." Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 11, no. 2 (2009): 82-93.

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