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Teaching the Psychology Capstone (video)

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Vancouver International Teaching of Psychology Conference

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In this brief documentary, Capstone alumni from the previous 5 years were invited to discuss their experiences in a course based on the Socratic method. While they were encouraged to candidly assess the effective use of questions, listening, and silence in the classroom, the deeper course objectives of transformational learning and meaning making are clearly evident.

Interviews and camera: Michael Lalley
Videography : Jeremy Knickerbocker
Design: Lawrence Burns
With funding support from the GVSU Psychology Department.

Larry Burns Capstone Project_For Review_2.mp4 (554266 kB)

psy 311 syl ss14.docx (168 kB)
Controversial Issues Syllabus - Spring 2014

psy 492 syl W15.docx (216 kB)
Capstone Syllabus - Winter 2015

psy 492 syl W16.docx (230 kB)
Capstone Syllabus - Winter 2016

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