During the past decade, there has been increasing pressure on correctional agencies to attract and keep quality staff. Raising worker job satisfaction is seen as a fundamental way of decreasing turnover. There has been a considerable amount of research in the area of the possible causes of correctional staff job satisfaction and, to a lesser extent, the possible consequences of job satisfaction. However, due to the numerous studies, some with conflicting results, it is difficult to understand clearly the factors associated with job satisfaction. A review of the literature is presented to provide a better understanding of correctional staff job satisfaction. Based on this review, correctional administrators are urged to concentrate more on improving the work environment rather than focusing on correctional staff characteristics.


Original Citation: Lambert, Eric G., Nancy Lynne Hogan, and Shannon M. Barton. "Satisfied Correctional Staff : A Review of the Literature on the Correlates of Correctional Staff Job Satisfaction." Criminal Justice and Behavior 29, no. 2 (2002): 115-143.