terrorism; first responders; radiological terrorism; NEPA; environmental laws


Criminology and Criminal Justice


Transnational and domestic terrorists may employ unconventional weapons of mass destruction and/or mass contamination in their future operations against governments. These asymmetrical tactics may include nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons designed to produce panic and disruption in daily life. This article addresses several of the myriad legal and practical issues relative to potential radiological weapons. Several suggestions as to local-level policy are offered and discussed. Among these suggestions are the need for local law enforcement and policy decision makers to formally recognize the potential use of radiological weapons of mass contamination and the need to develop both protection strategies for radioactive shipments that may be at risk from this form of crime and proactive public intervention measures for when communities are faced with a terrorist attack on shipments of nuclear waste.


Original Citation: Ballard, James David, and Kristine Mullendore. "Weapons of Mass Victimization, Radioactive Waste Shipments, and Environmental Laws." American Behavioral Scientist 46, no. 6 (2003): 766-781.