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First Advisor

Victoria Veenstra


Part One - Natural

As a collective, we aim to explore the interplay between nature and humanity through experimental photographic mediums both 2D and 3d. We hope to convey eight different interconnected perspectives on this concept. To achieve this, we incorporate photographic mediums involving elements from the natural world such as the obvious, plants, butterflies, and spider webs, to the more abstract existence of humans. We were once heavily connected with nature, relying on it to sustain life. While nature continues to be essential to human survival, we have become disconnected.

Streaming Media

Additional Files

Butterfly Pages.pdf (2858 kB)
Abigail Emens Artist Statement

Winged Gaze.pdf (41454 kB)
Sydney Kruise Artist Statement

Distortion Globes.pdf (658 kB)
Jillian Neumann Artist Statement

Unnatural Nature.pdf (8578 kB)
Jake Westbrook Artist Statement

SpiderWeb.pdf (496 kB)
Meghan Reiman Artist Statement