Publication Date


First Advisor

Babasola Fateye

Second Advisor

Jing Chen


Different instructional practices can have different effects on student engagement and learning outcomes in a STEM course. The purpose of this study is to examine the differences in teaching practices and the engagement of students in two different sections of the same BMS course, one section with a traditional lecture style class while the other utilized an interactive online platform, TopHat, in tandem with lecture. This study also investigates the students’ perception of the usage of TopHat and whether peer discussions in the TopHat session will lead to better learning results. Data are currently being collected by observing five classes of each section of the BMS course using a coding protocol that characterizes the students' and instructor’s time spent in the classroom. The CRiSP survey will be administered at the end of observations to measure the students’ perception of TopHat. Final results will be presented at SSD in April.