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First Advisor

Rebecca Davis


It is well documented that recruiting persons with dementia for research in long term care settings is challenging (Lam, et. al. 2018). The purpose of this study is to explore recruitment techniques suggested by the National Institute on Aging (2018), including the use of brochures, community contact introductions (CCI), presentations, event tables, 1:1 interactions and activity events. We examined the success of each method of recruitment in two recruitment waves based on the number recruited in relation to the number of hours spent on that recruitment method. Of the 119 people that were screened, 47% were enrolled in the study. The top three recruitment methods found to be successful included activities [4 hours per person (HPP)], CCI (5.6 HPP), and 1:1 interaction (7.5 HPP). Additionally, there was a decrease in the hours per person for 1:1 interaction which we propose was related to relationships forming between the facility and recruiters.