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Abdullah Alrebh


Goth subculture has been around since the 80s, first emerging as a reaction to the commercialized pop and rock scenes. This movement originated with the rebellious punk subculture of the West and United Kingdom. Very quickly, goth music and fashion were appropriated by other bands and magazines (Spracklen & Spracklen, 2014). Goth subculture has had massive effects on popular culture, influencing movies, various music scenes, and fashion styles. My research was motivated by a desire to contribute to the literature about goth subculture, with a focus on how those within the culture view the culture and their peers within it. During my study, I conducted a content analysis of interview transcripts. The purpose of my research was to understand how those within the culture define the term ‘goth’, how individuals are introduced to goth culture, whether there are different types of goths, and how different types of goths are categorized.