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Laurie Witucki

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Bill Schroeder


In support of ongoing anti-microbial & anti-tumor research, analogs of a GVSU lead compound, a derivative of the known telomerase inhibitor BIBR1532, were synthesized. These compounds were submitted for biological analysis to determine pharmacological activity toward the discovery of either an antibiotic that can resist bacterial enzymatic degradation or a chemotherapeutic molecule that can destroy tumor cells without increasing toxicity. The anti-microbial interest in these compounds was based on the fact that they are non-penicillin based antibiotics and display a broad range of efficacy against targeted bacteria, including C. diff & MRSA, with minimal toxicity. These compounds were made via nucleophilic acyl substitution chemistry, where various substituted anthranilic acid molecules were coupled via a condensation reaction with either commercially available or synthetically made acid chlorides. Characterization of the compounds was accomplished by TLC, IR, & 1H-NMR analysis.

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