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Kelli Damstra


Structural restrictions from tongue-tie are associated with altered sucking and decreased self-efficacy in breastfeeding mothers. Frenectomy is a procedure to correct tongue-tie by detaching the frenulum. There is a need to review the evidence regarding the effect of tongue-tie release on maternal breastfeeding self-efficacy. This review aims to examine the effect of frenectomy on a mother's confidence in breastfeeding using the BSES-SF tool. Database searches were conducted in PubMed and CINAHL. Keywords: "Frenectomy" AND "Breastfeeding self-efficacy." Exclusion criteria: non-English studies. Evidence suggests that frenectomy is associated with improvement in breastfeeding self-efficacy and nipple pain in the short-term. The BSES-SF tool is an excellent measure of maternal breastfeeding self-efficacy following a frenectomy procedure. To improve maternal self-efficacy, clinicians need to assess tongue-tie in infants and recommend frenectomy procedure.

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