Publication Date


First Advisor

Marilyn Preston


The L’dor V’dor History Project involves the creation of a public exhibit documenting the history of Jews in Muskegon, Michigan through the members of Temple B’nai Israel. The purpose of this exhibit is to educate the community about Jewish history and life in West Michigan to spread awareness and understanding of diverse populations in an increasingly antisemitic society. This project involved collaboration between temple members, Museum staff, and GVSU faculty and students. Using interview data, as well as multiple dialogues and conversations with stakeholders, several themes were identified that will be used in the exhibit to meet the goals. These themes are Holidays, Ritual, Identity, Tradition, and Tikkun Olam (healing the world). The exhibit not only tells an intimate story of the congregation but is also appropriate for various learning levels, accessible, interactive, and immersive. The design will be implemented at The Lakeshore Museum of Muskegon in the fall of 2020.