Student Summer Scholars




Running velocity and body weight (BW) support affect the metabolic demands of running. The Alter-G treadmill is a BW support ergometer used to reduce the risks of overground running, however little is known about the metabolic demands of running at reduced BW. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between running velocity, BW support and metabolic demand. 15 runners completed a test composed of four intervals at fixed BW percentages ranging from 70-100%. Each interval consisted of increasing speed 1 mph every 3 min, during which expired gases were collected. Using regression analyses, a conversion table was created for running speeds of 5-12 mph and BW of 70-100% (see poster). In general, a runner must run 0.5-0.7 mph faster per 10% reduction in BW to elicit similar metabolic responses as running at 100% BW. This information can assist coaches or practitioners to prescribe exercise on an Alter- G treadmill to elicit similar metabolic responses to overground running.