Student Summer Scholars Manuscripts

First Advisor

Huafang Li


Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems, Training, Prosocial Behavior, Nonprofit Management




Modified Student Summer Scholar




This literature review delves into technology acceptance research to lay the foundation for a discussion on the use of information technology (IT) in the nonprofit sector. Referring to the literature, it is determined that nonprofit organizations are not using technology to the fullest extent to achieve their social missions. The review then outlines a variety of prosocial outcomes of IT implementation including the development of critical spatial thinking, social capital, and increased community awareness. These prosocial outcomes suggest that nonprofits must work to advance their technological capacity. Experiential philanthropy is also discussed as a potential setting for IT training to be implemented. Finally, the research surrounding short, single-session training reveals positive learning outcomes indicating that short training may be a more affordable and accessible opportunity for nonprofits and philanthropic entities to engage in IT training and adoption.