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Exercise Physiology




Current exercises recommended during pregnancy are prescribed at the same intensity as the general adult population, 3-6 METs. It is unclear whether these MET values can be applied to the pregnant population. Purpose: To determine energy expenditure of pregnant women while participating in three exercises (walking, stationary biking, and prenatal aerobics) during the second and third trimesters. And second, to determine whether the energy expenditure of the exercises would change from the second to third trimester. Methods: Participants were 3 women, ages 23-32, in their second trimester (weeks 14-26) of pregnancy at commencement of the study. Subjects reported to the Human Performance Lab twice, once during the second trimester and once during the third trimester with at least 6 weeks between visits. During each visit, subjects were in a resting state for 30 minutes and then participated in stationary biking, walking, and prenatal aerobics for 10 minutes each with a break between exercises. Data was analyzed using a sample t-confidence interval test to compare the average energy expenditure of each activity during the 2nd and 3rd trimester to recommended values. A paired t-test was used to compare values between the trimesters. Results and Discussion: Results from the statistical analysis cannot be determined as significant at this point. While numbers were highly or moderately correlated, the p-values were not significant due to the low sample size. This indicates that there is potential for significant data but more subjects are needed to be able to draw any conclusive evidence.