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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Mary Horan

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Cynthia Coviak

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Frances McCrea


A descriptive correlational study was conducted in partial replication of the Youngblut (1989) study for the purpose of determining the relationship between variables related to mothers' employment status and the infants' developmental status at three months. Families of the sample (n = 105) were termed working, non-working or leave of absence (LOA) depending on the mothers' employment status at the infant age of three months.; Variables examined included demographic, reproductive histories, mother-child interaction, employment status, family functioning, neonatal morbidity, developmental outcomes and home/work orientation. Findings revealed that despite a higher SES category than nonworking and LOA families, working mothers also perceived a greater financial need to work, a greater availability of child care and less choice and satisfaction with employment decisions than nonworking or LOA mothers. Working mothers also showed the most incongruence postnatally with their prenatal plans.


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