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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Donna Larson

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Katherine Kim

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Patricia Underwood


This study's purpose was to identify whether persons 65 years of age or older hospitalized with congestive heart failure perceive personal powerlessness. Cognitive competence of the subjects was determined by the Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire. A Powerlessness Interview Schedule (PIVS) was used to identify subjects' perceptions of personal powerlessness.; Perceived powerlessness was not conclusively apparent in the fifty-one subjects of this study. No subjects received a score of 38 or below. Ten of fifty-one subjects received scores ranging from 46 to 56 which may place them at risk for perceived personal powerlessness. Forty-nine subjects had areas of limited feelings of power as indicated by a response choice of 2 or below. Total scores divided subjects into two groups, those who did not perceive personal powerlessness (n = 41) and those considered at risk for powerlessness (n = 10). Responses on the PIVS were significantly different between the two groups (t = 7.64, df = 49, p {dollar}<{dollar}.01).


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