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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Patricia Underwood

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Katherine Kim

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Pamela K. Baker


The purpose of this study was to look at determinants of health promotion in the elderly. Pender's (1982) Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile, Wallston & Wallston's (1979) Health Locus of Control Scale, and demographic variables were included on a questionnaire given to a convenience sample of 47 adults, ages ranged from 60-89. All subjects were Caucasian and 65% were female.; The theoretical framework that was used in this descriptive study was Pender's (1987) Health Promotion Model. Standardized z-scores for the Health Locus of Control subscales classified subjects as either "internal" or "external" locus of control. Thirty-five percent were internal.; Forward Regression was performed to examine the contribution of psychological and demographic variables to the variance in health promoting behavior. Only "perceived health as related to others" entered. A t-test indicated that there was not a significant difference in health behaviors between subjects with internal versus external locus of control.


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