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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Linda Bond

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Andrea Bostrom

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Eleanor French


The purpose of this study was to explore if Patient Classification System (PCS) methodology provides reliable information which can be used to identify differences in resource use within specific DRGs. This descriptive study utilized t-tests, standard deviations and product-moment correlations to examine the variability of mean Nursing Care Hours (NCH) and Length of Stay (LOS) and to determine if any relationship existed between these two variables for 227 subjects in four DRGs at two study sites. A significant difference in mean Nursing Care Hours between sites was noted for DRG #14 (CVA), which also displayed the greatest amount of variability in NCH. Acute HI, DRG #122 was the only DRG which had a significant correlation between LOS and NCH. This study adds to the literature which suggests that the use of PCS methodology is a valid and reliable framework for identification of nursing resource use within DRGs.


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