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Fall 1994

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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education


The enormity and seriousness of the problem of adolescent pregnancy in Kent County, in Michigan, and in the United States is documented, with implications given for future generations. Past and present perceptions of the problem are explored, and significant publications by professionals are reviewed. The needs of the young mother are identified. Educational, financial, legal, medical, physical and mental health, housing, and employment are among a confluence of issues confronting the adolescent who bears and rears her child. A variety of current educational programs appropriate for pregnant and parenting adolescents are then presented and summarized. The components of each program are examined, distinctive successful features are noted, and recommendations are given. A collaborative effort by educators, health care workers, social workers, and other practitioners is essential in order to implement a holistic program that meets the diverse needs of the student. Educators reading the paper will gain the information necessary for them to choose which components are appropriate for their particular program. They are thus assisted in accommodating instruction for the pregnant adolescent and adolescent parent, thereby effectively and positively impacting the problems associated with early childbearing.


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