Date Approved

Fall 1994

Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Education (M.Ed.)

Degree Program

College of Education


This research applications project addresses the phenomenon of rising violence among the youth of the United States, and includes a discussion of how this trend impacts our schools, particularly both the perceived and real danger it creates for our schools' students and staff members. Also considered are three youth activities which have accompanied this phenomenon. These behaviors are drug abuse and trafficking, gang activity, and weapons carrying and use. A brief analysis is presented regarding the degree and nature of these activities' relationships to each other and to youth violence. Finally, a handbook for school administrators' use is included titled Maximizing School Safety by Minimizing Student Violence on and Near School Grounds: A Handbook for School Administrators. This book incorporates the ideas of a number of researchers and other professionals, representing a variety of fields, regarding strategies for preventing and intervening in student violence.


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