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Winter 1994

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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education


Traditionally, public education in America strived to develop students intellectually and morally. During the last three decades, however, the content and the approach of moral education has undergone radical experimentation and transformation. The alarming moral decay in our nation today--particularly, in cases involving youth--requires that public education reexamine its philosophy and methodology for moral education.; This study examines the research on traditional character education, values clarification, and moral development. Character education is recommended as the most practical and ethical approach to moral education.; Finally, a character education model is presented for the middle school. Points of emphasis are the teaching of virtues, the use of moral stories, and a direct approach to teaching abstinence from drugs and premarital sex. In addition, the study advises educators to encourage students to draw upon and express their religious beliefs as protected by the First Amendment.


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