Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Physical Therapy (M.S.)

Degree Program

Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Jane Toot

Second Advisor

Lucille Grimm

Third Advisor

Thomas Herzog


This descriptive study seeks to identify the primary factors influencing physical therapists to accept a position as a physical therapist (P.T.) at a rural hospital in the state of Michigan and is designed to enhance the body of knowledge regarding rural hospital recruitment of physical therapists. Of the 63 rural hospitals in Michigan, (rural as defined by the Michigan Hospital Association), 55 agreed to participate in this study. One hundred and twenty-three questionnaires were distributed. Eighty-three were completed and returned to obtain a 67% response rate. Frequency distribution, cluster and factor analysis, coefficient alpha, multivariate analysis of variance and the Tukey-B test were performed on the data. Several categories were empirically formed from the analyzed data. Of these categories, "salary and benefits" were ranked as most important, closely followed by "opportunities and growth" and "work environment". The categories ranked as least important when choosing a place of employment were "leisure", "family considerations" and "politics".


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