Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Physical Therapy (M.S.)

Degree Program

Physical Therapy

First Advisor

A. Schwarcz

Second Advisor

Jane Toot

Third Advisor

A. Nesterenko


Since certified athletic trainers began working in the clinical setting alongside physical therapists, there has been controversy between the two professions concerning the utilization of the ATCs. Although views of ATCs from the PTs' perspective have been speculated, there has been no conclusive research on this topic. The purpose of this study was to find out how physical therapists in the state of Michigan view ATCs in the clinical setting. The Health Team Stereotype Scale, which was developed by Dr. Harry Parker, was used to determine the PTs' attitudes toward the ATCs. There was a return rate of 47.4% (N = 121). The results showed that PTs had an overall favorable attitude toward ATCs in the clinical setting. PTs with more knowledge about the educational background of ATCs were more positive than PTs with less knowledge. PTs with experience in working with ATCs, and PT/ATCs also had a more positive attitude toward the ATCs.


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