Date of Award

Spring 1995

Degree Type


Degree Name

Education (M.Ed.)


College of Education


The education of the special needs population has been an ongoing debate since the creation of special education classes. While some educators feel that a slower version of the regular education curriculum is appropriate others feel that there is no room for the regular curriculum in the education of the autistic, educable, and trainable mentally impaired population.; In this thesis the research reviewed will support the need for a functional curriculum which emphasizes the areas of; self care/ personal development, basic math and language arts. The research will stress that a watered down regular education curriculum will not meet the needs of the handicapped population appropriately.; This project will contain a curriculum packet to be used for the special needs child from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The packet consists of skills viewed necessary for the student to have a better quality of life. The intent of this curriculum packet is to also give the teachers, of special needs students, a set of skills to help determine appropriate goals and objectives for the said student. It is important to stress that the education of the autistic, educable and trainable is and should not be limited to only the skills listed in this project.


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