Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Nursing (M.S.N.)

Degree Program

College of Nursing

First Advisor

Linda Bond

Second Advisor

Cynthia P. Coviak

Third Advisor

Sandra Portko


The purpose of this study was to identify needs of parents during the hospitalization of their critically ill neonate. Studies indicate that parents of critically ill neonates are under a certain degree of stress and that sources of stress are identifiable by parents and equated to needs and the importance of those needs.; This study used an exploratory, descriptive design to document the needs of parents while also identifying variables that influenced those needs. Parents of 29 critically ill neonates (n = 53) were interviewed using a revised version of the Critical Care Family Needs Inventory (CCFNI) designed by Molter (1979). The revised version consisted of parent need statements that were rated on an attitudinal scale.; Results indicated that parents are able to rate needs by importance. Needs that are informational in nature were rated very high. Findings also suggest that older parents may have greater needs than younger parents.


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