Date Approved

Winter 1995

Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Education (M.Ed.)

Degree Program

College of Education

First Advisor

Dorothy Armstrong


This study compares a teacher-centered approach to learning with a cooperative learning method in order to discover if either method has greater ability to deliver academic success in a fourth grade geography unit. In addition, the study examines the students' preferences for or against the teacher-centered method and the cooperative method.; There has been some movement toward cooperative learning methods in the school in which this study takes place, but there is also some reluctance of some teachers to try it because they feel that the time it takes is not worth the results it brings. This study includes an experiment where two fourth grade classrooms, one using a teacher-centered method and the other using a cooperative learning method, are compared to determine which of the two methods brings more academic success in a geography unit. A second part of the experiment will examine the students' attitudes about cooperative learning and which approach they prefer. Research and theory will be used to gain some understanding of the methods used to teach the students.


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