Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Physical Therapy (M.S.)

Degree Program

Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Barb Baker

Second Advisor

Cathy C. Harro

Third Advisor

James Scott


This study investigated the effects of 30% body weight support on gait in two individuals with hemiplegia secondary to stroke. Two subjects with right hemiplegia were tested. Each completed four trials, two full weight bearing and two unweighted 30%, in random order. Each trial consisted of walking six meters on a treadmill at the subjects' self-selected speed. Temporal distance data were collected via Stride Analyzer footswitches. Subjects were also videotaped from the side during all trials. We expected velocity, cadence, stride length, uninvolved limb swing time, and involved limb stance time to increase with unweighting. Subjects 1's results agreed only in stride length and uninvolved limb swing time. However, Subject 2's results agreed in all variables but one: involved limb stance time. Possible reasons for the differences are discussed. Videotape gait analysis revealed increased symmetry between limbs and decreased biomechanical variation at hip, knee and ankle for both subjects.


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