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Physical Therapy (M.S.)

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Physical Therapy


The purpose o f this correlational study was to establish concurrent validity of functional reach, the maximal distance one can reach forward beyond arm's length without taking a step, as a measure of physical decline, by determining the relationship between functional reach and other physical performance measures. Subjects included 46 community-dwelling women over 65 years of age who performed the functional reach test, the timed Up and Go, and the 10-foot walk. Data analysis employed Pearson correlation coefficients. The association between FR and timed Up and Go and 10-foot walk was r = -.51 and r = -.53 respectively. After controlling for age, partial correlation coefficients between FR and timed Up and Go and 10-foot walk were r = -.46 and -.48, respectively {p = .001). In conclusion, FR showed modest concurrent validity with other physical performance measures.


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