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College of Nursing


This was an exploratory descriptive study. The "Wilson and Williams Sexuality Survey" (1988) was used with revisions to include a definition of sexuality. The sample consisted of 109 oncology nurses who care for adult oncology clients from five Midwestern institutions. There was a significant difference in attitudes and behaviors of oncology nurses regarding sexuality as a component of care (t = -.53.96; d.f. = 109; p =0.00). It was expected that positive attitudes would yield more behaviors, this was not the case. However, a moderately strong relationship was found between the attitudes and behaviors (r = .6088; p = 0.00). Basic nursing education, age, personal health history and the role of the chemotherapy staff nurse were examined. Erickson, Tomlin and Swain (1983) nursing theory, "Modeling and Role-Modeling" was utilized to explain how the nurse as an individual may view the client's world regarding sexuality concerns.


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