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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of role clarification in reducing anxiety of the myocardial infarction patient's primary support person (PSP). A quasi-experimental design was utilized. A nonprobability convenience sampling method produced a sample of 31 experimental and 38 comparison subjects. During the patient's hospitalization a pretest was given and the experimental group attended a role clarification session. Posttesting was done three weeks later. Both groups had higher trait and state anxiety levels than the norm at pretest and posttest. It was hypothesized that the experimental group would have lower posttest state anxiety levels. This was not supported. Additionally, there was no significant difference between pretest and posttest state anxiety scores in either group. Role clarity and support role performance were found to be significantly positively related in both groups. The results support the need for psychosocial assessment of the PSP and appropriate psychosocial interventions.


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