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In order to increase understanding regarding the factors contributing to student attrition at the Davenport College Career Center, a survey was undertaken to determine how those elements over which the school has control impacted its students' decisions to discontinue pursuing their educational goals. The survey of 600 non-returning students asked questions on the following attributes of the college: admissions, advising, academics, support services, and facilities. Survey recipients were divided into two categories: those students who had intended to take a full program of study and those students who had come to college to update their skills with only a few c lasses. This distinction was made to see if students' educational objectives had a significant impact on their decision to persist in school. The purpose of this study was to review the Career Center's current retention effort and to gather direct data concerning the school’s role in its students' decisions to stay or to leave college in order to make recommendations for improvement based on current research in those areas where student survey responses suggested the Career Center was weak.


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