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This study investigated psychiatric nurses’ perceptions of their social support while working in a public psychiatric hospital. A descriptive correlational research design using a mailed self-administered questionnaire was employed for this study. Data collection and measurement of the phenomenon of perceived social support was done using the Norbeck Social Support Questionnaire (Norbeck, Lindsey, & Carrieri, 1995). The sample consisted of 57 registered nurses who had been employed for at least six months.

Data analyses consisted of reporting means, standard deviations, percentages, and range of scores for perceived social support. Results indicated emotional support (affect and affirmation) rated the highest among the psychiatric nurses while aid support was rated the lowest. The main sources of their support were identified as spouses/partners, and the lowest support perceived were from their friends/co-workers. Furthermore, nurses were likely to perceive themselves as having more social support if they were part of a large network and were a part of that network for a longer duration.


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