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The purpose of this descriptive study was to examine which nurse caring behaviors HIV/AIDS patient's perceived as most important. Subjects were recruited from an HIV/AIDS clinic in a large Midwestern city. Twenty-three subjects completed Cronin and Harrison (1988) Caring Behaviors Assessment (CBA) along with a patient demographic questionnaire and an open ended question asking, "Is there anything else a nurse could do to make you feel care for or about? If so what?".

Results of this study suggest that HIV/AIDS patients perceive expressive nurse caring behaviors, such as, listening to the patient, treating the patient with respect, and knowing when to call the doctor as the most important. There were no significant relationships between demographic data and CBA subscale scores at the .05 significance level. A weak relationship was noted between education level and caring items. Subjects with a high school education or less rated caring behaviors higher than did subjects with some college education (t = 2.65; df = 21; p = .01).


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